Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten Types of Foods that Can Extend of the Life

Ten Types of Foods that Can Extend of the Life

When the body is healthy, it will increase the length of any age. According to research, there are 10 foods that make a person's longevity, namely :

1. Apple, reduce the potential for getting Alzheimer 's.

2. Fish, consuming 30 grams of fish per day reduces the risk of stroke by 50 percent.

3. Garlic, blood circulation, reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

4. Strawberry, heightens the immune system as it contains high vitamin C.

5. Carrot, protect the body from diseases of the eyes, skin, softens even protect against cancer.

6. Banana, eat one banana meets a sixth man for a day kebuttuhan magnesium.

7. Green tea, helps in weight loss.

8. Soy, great for nerve function, contains vitamin B is high.

9. Milk, is a restorative drink or repair body cells.

10. Chili, boost your metabolism and lose weight, chili is believed to protect the body from harmful bacteria.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Cravings during pregnancy

Do pickles and ice cream sound good to you? How about red peppers and peanut butter? If you do this, could a pregnant woman to know for a field of ice that look was buried in the freezer. More than three-quarters of all cravings in pregnancy at some point. The most common cravings are out for candy, dairy products and salty foods, although there are some weird cravings are there.


Choose The Nutritious Foods For your Baby

Congratulations, you're pregnant! The next nine months will be an exciting time, not only for yourself but for your growing child! Think of all the things a child needs to be reached in only nine (ten) short months. Start as a single cell and then divide at an alarming rate. Develop your body, and is the heart begins to beat and make all five senses. Basically your baby goes from a small "blob that can not be seen in an adorable baby of seven, eight, nine or ten pounds by the human eye.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Sunshine into the lives of pregnancy. This is very tedious and tax your body, eyes, and the future of mind can be. However, food is my body, you are strong and sharp and ready to delight your expectations for the energy band will be healthy and happy.

Nuts and protein, fiber, calcium, iron, thiamine, niacin is a good resource. If you have time and freeze in small containers, make a batch of peanuts. Low-sodium and less than the high cost of food, they tend to use high temperature processes, such as, be careful with canned varieties. Vegetarian or vegan, or large bean and soybean or other proteins and also provides a source of protein. Soybean, including calcium, iron and abundant food.

brown rice, quinoa, millet, whole grains such as oatmeal, and they are falling in fiber, minerals, protein and vitamin B complex was an excellent resource. Did it more commercial activity and healthy food grains can be found in wheat germ and bran removed is designed for.

Cabbage, Kale, watercress, green leafy vegetables like spinach, and they have lots of vitamins and minerals, vitamins A and C, calcium and iron are provided, including because of pregnancy or breast-feeding and are especially important. green leafy vegetables, beta-carotene and lutein in many forms of cancer, such as phytochemicals protects against the rich. cruciferous family such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and vitamin A, vitamin C, an excellent source of calcium, and vegetables. They are also rich in phytochemicals cancer properties. green leafy vegetables and cabbage family vegetables that contribute to most of your child's milk gives an important food.

Nuts and seeds in fiber, protein, minerals and a major source of fatty acids. You can be assured that, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and the child's brain and nervous system development, and their health is important to Omega -3 fatty acids in nuts. Nuts and seeds can be eaten before or toasted, and dark green leafy vegetables and salad lots of work.

At rest and plenty of water, after all very important to make sure. Soon to restore the body well rested and children and given birth to a new life brings along with it, willing to perform tasks, that the life of a newborn child brings with it

Monday, March 21, 2011


Not only is breastfeeding the adopted baby easy,
Chances are you will be a great
quantity of milk. It is not complicated to do
But it's different in the chest
Your child is 9 months pregnant.

Breast Feeding and Milk

There are two objectives involved in
breastfeeding infants. The first is
breastfeed your baby, and the other
enough milk.

There is more Milk than Milk

That is why many mothers happy Feeds
without expecting to produce milk in the street
needs baby. It is a context and
Bonds provides that many mothers breastfeeding


Although many feel the early introduction
bottle can interfere with breastfeeding,
early introduction of artificial nipples can
interfere much. The sooner you can get
baby to the breast after birth, the better
it will.

Babies must Flow

chest to keep in touch and stay
sucks, especially when used a few
comes from the bottle or other method meal.

Produces Milk

When you have a baby in front of the eye,
Contacting lactation clinic and start getting
Your milk supply ready. In my mind, you can
can never be a whole milk supply for your
baby, although it can occur. You must
ever disappointed with what you can
pumping before the baby if the pump is never
pretty good at digging baby milk
A good and sucks on her breast.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Have you recently discovered that you are pregnant? Whether you need a pregnancy test or your doctor confirmed the pregnancy for you, you can create a wide range of emotions. These emotions joy, excitement, hope and fear.

When it comes to the birth of a child, especially a first child has many mothers, a number of questions or problems to solve. These issues and problems with money, additional living space, healthcare, and needed baby supplies, including baby food and diapers. Although these are all questions and problems can be solved, something must come first. It is the health of you and your baby. Once you learn that you are pregnant, you should begin steps to receive prenatal care.

Although it is important to hear that prenatal care is something you should try immediately, there are many mothers, especially mothers, for the first time what is so important to do miracles. If this is a question that you yourself have made, you are not alone. A few of the many reasons why you actively seek prenatal care during pregnancy, as indicated below should be.

What you should know is that prenatal care is important for the child's health and your health. Although a lot of emphasis be placed on your baby and its development, prenatal care is also used to ensure that you are healthy. This often involves monitoring your weight, your blood pressure and the growing size of the stomach. This is one of the many reasons why you should attend all your antenatal appointments because it's important for your health and your baby.

Another reason for prenatal care appointments are important because they are used to determine whether your child have any medical conditions or complications when they are born. Although many parents do not want to know in advance, there are many others that do. Knowing that your child has a disease is important because it can help you financially prepare for the complications and any life adjustments that need to be made.

For these reasons, only a few of the many reasons why it is important to have, you're looking for prenatal care while pregnant. In addition to monitoring your health and the health of your child, you should be looking for, prenatal care, when it comes to a fun, exciting and an important experience. If visitors to your prenatal care and proposals, whether you are a doctor, an OBGYN or midwife, you should see one of your baby to hear, but his heart rate response. These things are things that parents never forget.

Despite the importance of prenatal care, makes many pregnant women do not seek. This happens for many reasons but the most common reason connected with money. If you are not currently insured, or if your health insurance does not cover prenatal care, you can manage the cost of what you should. What you should know is that many physicians would be more than willing to cooperate, how to plan the establishment of a payment. There are also health centers across the country that for women with low incomes or those without health insurance are designed.

As explained earlier, said prenatal care is important for your health and the health of your child if you are pregnant. Whether your first baby or your third have, it is important that the recommended amount of prenatal care to see. Pregnancy is one of the most important things with your life apart and it is extremely important that it be treated in the right case.


You are a woman? If you have, do you think about motherhood? If you have, you may be wondering whether you are ready to be parents. Although families are sometimes unexpected, a large number of women and their partners plan and prepare for it. If this approach is that you have, there are several important factors or issues that you should first take into consideration.

Perhaps the most important factor is health. In pregnancy, it is necessary to conduct regular prenatal examinations. In late pregnancy, these tests may be more frequent than once or twice a week. For this reason, care must be taken into account. Do you have health insurance? If you have health insurance pregnancy and pregnancy? If not, or if they are insured, you may end up paying for the costs of the pregnancy itself.

The cost of meeting a child, it is also important to examine the costs after the birth. It's no secret that raising children is expensive. How are you currently managing, financially, now? If you are difficult to make ends meet, you may be able to afford the cost of the child. Sure, there are financial programs out there to help, but you should not rely too heavily on them. If you have a child, he was instructed to take steps to financially prepare for it. These steps could include increasing hours or eliminating unnecessary purchases.

Another factor that is necessary to assess the current situation. Do you own your own home or rent an apartment? Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, whether you have enough space for your child? If not, then it might be a good idea to review the current situation. Although many mothers want their children in the same room with them at night, when your child needs their own room. If you would like to buy a big house or rent a larger apartment, you may think twice before you decide to become pregnant because it can save a significant amount of stress.

Another issue for discussion, your partner or spouse feels the new baby. Although it is more than possible to single mothers through donor sperm, many women decide to have a baby with someone they love. However, it is more than possible to raise the child as a single mother, it is important to seek help for his father. That is why the decision to have children is that you and your partner should do together. If you are married or have been with my partner for a long time, have a good chance to be as enthusiastic about the baby and you. If at this moment you realize that it is difficult goals and aspirations in life, should solve this problem as soon as possible.

When deciding if you are willing to become a mother, on issues are those that must be taken into account. Please note that many women have children unexpectedly, but many take time to plan and prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. If you want to carefully examine your decision before getting pregnant are advised to do so. You can search for pregnancy and raising babies, talk to your doctor and other parents or buying a collection of birth and parenting books, as well as using the Internet to your advantage.